Framework: Made with Kontra.js.

Art: Heavily inspired by a YouTube Video from Dual Core Studio.

How to Play

Use the ARROW keys to move and collect ALL cool riffs from the future (the more the better)!

Avoid getting too close to the time singularity blobs.

If you miss a riff or touch a time singularity bad things might happen.

You can travel as far as you want and collect as many riffs as you want, but time travelling is not that easy. You have to COME BACK!

Press SPACE to turn around in time and make sure you take the same way back or the future changes and your riffs might be useless!


Johnny Twochords wants to be a rock star and have a No. 1 hit in the charts! Unfortunately all of his guitar riffs SUCK!

He realizes that he can travel into the future when he plays constantly the E string on his Gibson SG Special Faded with a broken neck and serial number 00484505.

Now he wants to travel to the future, COLLECT all cool riffs, COME BACK and get a No. 1 hit!


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How do I realise how far I am close to the end? Could there be a line denoting which route I took? Or is that part of the game that I have to remember?

Thanks for playing!

You can go as far as you want and it is up to you to decide when to turn around. It‘s really part of the game to remember the way back. So you need to find a balance between how far you go (and how many riffs you collect) and how good you remember the way back. Therefore the collecting of the riffs is not really difficult. The difficulty should be to remember the way back. The final ranking in the charts is a combination of number of riffs collected and the accuracy of traveling back.

It really looks line the core mechanic (which I thought would be a bit innovative) does not come through... :).