Help the mighty overlord in five missions to find his birds in space. Estimate how long it will take for you to get the birds and the overlord will make you an offer. If you make it you will get the reward, but if not you need to pay the overlord!

Try to beat my highscore: 26265 CZD

My submission to Gamedev.js Jam 2023!
Challenges I participated for this jam:

  • Open Source: Code is available on GitHub.
  • Overlord's Arena: Used assets and some lore from OVERLORD.


Touch / click the screen or press SPACE.

How to Play

Complete all 5 missions and get rich! Every mission consists of the following steps:

  1. Estimate: Have a look at the map, estimate how long you will need to get the birds and get an offer from the overlord.
  2. Flying: Take your spaceship and collect all birds. Ensure you make it in time and do not crash into space debris.


You get paid in CREEPZ DOLLARZ!

When you complete a mission within the time you estimated you get the reward the overlord offered you. For every crash you had during the mission you will loose 100 CZD. If you do not make it within the estimated time you need to pay the overlord half of what he offered instead and try again.

Tips and Tricks

  • When the spaceship is idle and rotating (at the start and after a crash) you can clearly predict in which direction it will move when you start again. The ship will turn in the same direction as it is currently rotating.
    If the ship is rotating clockwise, the left engine will turn on and it will move clockwise.
    If the ship is rotating counter clockwise, the right engine will turn on and it will move counter clockwise.

  • The lower the time you estimate is, the more the overlord will offer (and vice versa).
  • Setting the time so high that you for sure make it, will result in a low offer and not much CZDs. You do not get more CZDs if you finish before the time you estimated. You will always get what the overlord offered you before the mission (minus the crash fee).
  • Setting the time too low will increase the chance of failure and you will loose CZDs.
  • Estimating just the right time, not too low to be able to make it and not too high to get a good offer is key to become rich!

Credits and Tools


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I liked the simplicity in the game but the music started to annoy me after a few loops. 

The game feels like it's make for a touch screen. I played it with a mouse.


Thanks for playing and the valuable feedback.
Yes, simplicity was the goal.

I am also not that happy with the music part. Saved it for the last few days, as I am usually pretty comfortable with composing something for the game. However, did not feel it this time and just needed to go with something decent (or even less, based on your comment :D).

The goal was, that it can be played on both phone / tablet and desktop. Of course you do then some compromises. If you played on the desktop you could have also used the SPACE bar for the flying part.

That's my highest score I got: 26265 CZD!